11 November, 2013

Today's a new day :)

Hi everybody. :)
Today I saw that somebody actually reads this blog and I'm so thankful for that. Again, fell free to comment everything because my real friends have no idea that I'm writing this and they can't help me with my problems that I share here. I just wanted to let you know how my day went. I talked to that guy... You already know him... Let's call him Mr. T. We laughed together, we made some inside jokes... I had a great time today in collage in spite of this awful weather in my country. So, there's not much to say about this today except that bit*h (let's call her) Miss D. acted like a weirdo. But, I guess, that's not new... I wanted to share with you my love for pets. Do you like them? I'm a real dog person. I would like to have thousands of them, only if I could. Little fluffy ball of fur. My mom is so against them because we live in a flat and she thinks it's impossible to have an animal inside of our living space. Chow-chow or pomsky or husky or rottweiler... I love them all. I have a german shepherd at my grandma and grandpa's place but that's not the same... I can't pet him every day. I'm currently trying to persuade my parents to buy a chow-chow dog, but it's not really working. It hasn't been working since 2005. And it feels awful. What breed do you like the most? I'm opened for every suggestion. God, I would like to talk to someone who won't judge me, I would like to have someone who will love me as I am. Simply, I would like a dog. ;)
Chow chow
Alaskan malamute (similar to husky)

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