18 November, 2013

It's nice to see...

Just to finish my craziness over these tests... I wrote one today. It was good, but awful. So stressful and you are never sure if your numbers are correct but, then again, it all looks so familiar. So, who knows? I may pass, I may flunk. (Is this the correct way of saying it?) But... Enough with that. I'll just wait another week for the results. I find very interesting to watch people watch each other. I was standing and waiting for traffic light to turn green. There was a cute girl, really natural and somehow happy looking, also waiting for the green light. And, of course, there they were, boys. Three of them. One really nerdy one, one I'm-the-best-in-the-world-and-the-prettiest-and-the-smartest-guy-ever-and-every-girl-falls-for-me-and-I-play-it-cool and one boy from the neighborhood, very casual. He looked like he was from some cool neighborhood. Not that important for the story, just saying. And all three of them were looking at her. Because she was kinda glowing. This nerdy one looks at her and looks away immediately. He is obviously very shy. And that's fine. The-prettiest-and-the-best-in-everything guy was leaned on the semaphore and was checking her out. From head to toe. And, of course, he gave her his seducing smile. She looked at the nerd and he blushed. He was literally frozen. Cocky one caught her eyes and saluted. Because he's cool. She just rolled her eyes. The hood boy saw everything. He thought how stupid this guy is. He showed that with his gestures. She saw that and smiled at him. Then the light went green. Everybody started to move. The two of them looked at each other one more time. And their day was better. It's great to see how little things can make your day.

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