15 November, 2013

Being optimistic

Today's a good day. Nothing special happened, I'm just happy for no reason. I started my day by listening to some music on my way to collage. Music can really change your mood in a second. Have you noticed it? When I came to college, I saw all familiar faces, mostly happy faces and they made me happy. I had a period of rage that lasted for about half an hour because of Miss D. but I said to myself: It's just not worth it! She is playing dumb so boys would like her. I don't want anybody to think I'm stupid, that's not cute. What do you think? Guys? I should be stressed out about all my exams but I'm not. I think I'm smart, at least I can learn something in really short time. I've never had problems with that, so far. I can't change anything in couple of hours so why bother? You may think now that I'm not normal for being so calm but life's too short to spend it on worries. At least, I'm that mood now. Here's my advice: Put on a smile, go out and make somebody's day! That's the simplest thing you can do and it feels great! So... I gave you all positive thoughts and now I'll go cry over my future. :D I really need to go and study. Exams are not going to pass themselves. Or maybe...? ;) Have a great day.
One disco ball for you, have fun!

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