06 January, 2014

Why did you add me?

Good evening :)
You all use Facebook, right? You know how it works... Well, today a funny but really weird thing happened on it. Me and several friends of mine got a friend request from this girl... The problem is nobody knows who she is. I asked some of our friends that have already added her who she is. Nobody knew, they just accept everyone. Fine. Than I got few messages asking me if I know who she is. No. So, I accepted her request to see her pictures, maybe I'll recognize her. Still nothing. She has only one cover photo and it's not her or any of her friends, and I can't open her profile pictures. The weird part is that she obviously knows us because she added my whole class and the class next to us but nobody knows her. And the funny part were these messages. All with the same question: "I saw you accepted her. Who is she?" Ten of those. And now I ask you, who is crazy here? I asked her if we know each other but she's not answering. God knows who is messing with us. This is not the first time this had happened to me. I get an awful lot of requests like these. I usually get friend requests from some Indian/Arabian/Chinese guys (no offense to anyone). There's not a chance that we know each other but they still think I'll be their friend. What the hell is wrong with you dudes? And it's not the biggest problem that they add me, it's the fact that they get so offensive when I tell them that we can't be friends (because I don't want to be). Or they tell me how I'll die alone or how stupid I am... Seriously? Facebook might be stupid but you need to have, at least, few of brain cells to manage it. Why start a fight with an unknown person over nothing? You just seem like a very rude and idiotic person and the other person is either hurt or pissed off. You know? Facebook was really great before, what happened? Facebook didn't change its purpose, people became more stupid. They use it for arguing, bragging or stalking. What happened to getting in touch with people? I know that's why I made my account...
My thoughts exactly...

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