24 January, 2014

Read between the lines

Hi :)
Long time no talk. I'm sorry for my absence, I had a really busy week that continues but I managed to get some free time for you all :). Just for information, yesterday was my B-day and it felt kinda weird because it was just a regular day. Nothing special, and I remember the times when I was jumping up and down all day on my birthday... Oh well, I grew old :P...
Today, I wanted to tell you more about songs we listen every day. I picked only what I like. You, of course, don't have to like them but I think you also won't be able to deny any of my arguments. We'll see... So, here we go... (Order is not important, it just came to me in this one... And every song is a link to YouTube.)
  1. Katy Perry - Roar. At first, nothing special. Than I looked at the lyrics and I was actually surprised that it has a meaning behind all this roaring. It's about standing up for yourself. You had enough with all the underestimating and agreeing to everything without a right to say your opinion. Finally, you found a tiger and a lion in yourself and, now, you're fighting for you and your opinion.
  2. Beyonce - Listen. This lady always amazes me, but this song is special. This lyrics are so deep and I can relate to every word. This one is also about standing up for yourself. You have dreams that can't be shut down, they must be heard and realized. Nobody understands you but you have to stand on your two feet and go though life. Strong and determined to be happy. It's about waking up you inner self that nobody takes the chance to meet.
  3. Katy Perry - Part of me. Great song. you finally found something that nobody can't take away form you - you. Your thoughts, plans, dreams... There's nothing more someone can do to you, you're stronger than ever. The military video only makes me love this song even more (I've written in previous posts that I love army). This is the best you'll ever be and past is behind you. Moving on is the best thing for you and now you're life is better.
  4. Alicia Keys - Superwoman. Real confidence booster. To all the strong women out there, to all the mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, grandmothers...We are strong. Nobody actually knows everything about us. We're mystery and people often mistake us for being weak and too emotional. You have no idea... Say to yourself, every day, "I'm a superwoman!!!".
  5. Eminem - Not afraid. I love Eminem and his songs, but this one has a special place in my heart. I especially love the last part, about facing your demons and putting your life back on the right tracks. I feel amazing, I'm gazing the stars, shooting for the moon... Amazing lyrics. This song can remind you that you don't have to be afraid to be yourself. You can change for the better, be the person you want to be any time. You just have to believe it. And yes, I see that this song has alcohol addiction in itself, but the message in it can be applied into every day of our lives. Take your life into your hands and take responsibilities for your actions. Love your new life.
  6. Beyonce - I was here. It's about leaving the mark on this world. Making yourself important, your life and work here matters. You want to make a difference. In a positive way. Also a great motivational song to listen to every single day.
Of course there are hundreds of song like this, but these are the first six songs that came to my mind. If you remember any other, feel free to comment.
Have a great day :)
They make me STRONGER !!!!!


  1. Anonymous28/1/14 21:40

    Hello it's me Fanni from Anchy's page, i created the outfits :) I'm so glad you liked them :) Honestly I really liked this article what you wrote about, its so interesting because sometimes we dont really pay much attention to the lyrics and these were so true what you said. Well, my favourite song right now is Let her go by The pasangers, you know it? What do you think of it? :)
    Keep on going! Good luck!

    1. So, I've listened to The passengers and their Let her go.
      This song couldn't be more true. Basically you only appreciate something when it's gone. And you want it then more than ever. And some things are too good to let them go. So, I think the message is: Be happy with what you have, appreciate it, handle it the best you can!

  2. Hi there :))
    I'm looking forward to some more of them. :D
    Thanks, it really means a lot.
    I'll listen to it and I'll get back to you on that :))

  3. Anonymous29/1/14 19:38

    hello Amanda :) Can you tell me what you think about Pretend it's okay by Little mix? Thank you so much

  4. Anonymous29/1/14 19:39

    sorry i meant 'I am Amanda' haha :D

  5. haha I was confused when you called me Amanda :P
    Hi Amanda :) I have to be honest and tell you that I don't listen to Little mix but I really liked this song... I think it's about two people meeting on the same road and one of them (she) fell in love. They had something, a new start and those nights out, and then they split up. He's not hearing her anymore and she's pretending it's all OK. Her eyes deceive her, meaning when she sees him she still feels something but know it's too late. Life's short and we should take all we can get out of it. Also, she wonders what he would do. Pretending sometimes get to hard to menage. Now, she needs a good advice what to do. I would say: chase your love!! Basically, this song is about all lost loves and about over thinking everything because heart is, most of the times, confused.
    I hope you like my review. This is just my opinion, doesn't mean it's completely true :))
    Thanks for commenting :**

  6. Anonymous30/1/14 21:43

    thank you :)

    1. You're very welcome :) Tnx for recommending me :P

  7. Anonymous30/1/14 21:45

    Hello, Amanda (my friend) recommended your website, and i have to say that i like it. its so interesting, I keep on reeding! and what do you think of Bonfire by james blunt (its ma fav song) :)

  8. Oh God, the word is getting out :))
    Thank you so much for reading, I hope you'll read everything and continue with my new posts :)))
    This is a song which shows us that everybody wants that exciting and passionate relationship (fire and sparks in out hearts) but very few people are willing to risk something for that kind of love. Well, today is a day when he'll make the move because she starts that spark in his heart and he won't let that go. And he shouldn't. Also, he mentions that the world is getting colder meaning people just don't care anymore, for anybody but for them selves. Point of the song: When you find that someone that starts a spark in you, don't let go that easily. And start caring!
    Hope you like it :*

  9. Anonymous31/1/14 21:07

    hello it's me Amanda again! what do you think of It girl by jason derulo? i shared your website with my friends so they will comment here later, i think xx

  10. Hey :)) Now, I really don't listen to Jason, so I don't know what his music is like and what he usually does in his songs, but I've listened this one just for you ;) I don't think this song has some deeper meaning, he pretty much says it all in her face. :D He's trying to find and catch her but she's always ahead of him...He realizes that she has no competition and no girl is like her. She could be his soul mate because he can't stop thinking about her, but he'll never know if they don't give themselves a chance... Basically, he's trying to convince her to try love with him. :) Pretty honest and opened guy if you ask me ;)
    Thank you, I hope you and your friends will like my other posts too as much as you like this one :D