08 January, 2014

My projects in 2014

Hello you all. :)
I had two really good ideas what to write and I lost them in a bus... I really need to start writing them down. Today, I'm gonna introduce you to my new projects. Everything I'm doing (or I'm trying to do). So, your job is to tell me whether you think I'm crazy, smart, ambitious, or any other adjective that comes to your mind. Also, you could give me some advises about it. So here we go:
1. I'm making my own calendar. I actually started that last year and I hoped it would be finished by this New Year but no. I let myself down again... This year I'm really going to finish it. I know there are lost of places where you give your photos and they give you back calendar with them but I really want to do it by myself. I did the first half and I wrote all the dates in it.
2. My new working program. This year I decided to surprise everyone with my new figure and I really think this could work. I have more motivation than ever. I didn't start on the first of January but I am going to start on the 13th because on that date my brother leaves and he's the person I want to surprise the most. I don't want anyone to know I'm working out and dieting in case I give up. This is so possible...
3. I'm writing a book. As you know, I started a book. Well, it's not really a book, it is just a compilation of short, one-page, stories that you can read on Wattpad. I'm also thinking about copying everything I wrote there into MS Word  or something like that so I can expand it. I really think I could do something with it although I don't have so much imagination for the whole 200-page book. We'll see.
4. Remodeling my room. My room is small and I have no space in it. But I love it. It's just mine! So I have posters all around my walls, tons of stuff I don't use or even look at and it all must go out! I have this one shelf that's a eyesore for me. I want to turn it into a book shelf but all kinds of stuff are there and I need to move that first. I think I'm going to do that during some holidays when I'll have time.
Besides all this, I have college that, normally, comes first. Of course, I have too maintain good relationship with my friends so I need to see them in my free time. Who knows, maybe I'll find love this year... I would love to see that on my project list. ;)
So this is it. Share your plans with me (you can do that anonymously) or just rate my post below. 
Bye :*
My plans in one picture ;)

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