29 January, 2014

Trying out new fashion...

Hi lovelies :)
So... As you might have figured out, I like to try new creative things. Writing this blog, writing another blog about nails, writing a novel... I'm not going to start anything new now, but I would like to present to you my new fashion style (it all came from Fanni). I hope you like it as much as I do. Of course, there's room for improvement and I haven't really payed mush attention to some minor details, but here it is... Here comes the sad part. I neither have money or courage for something like this. I've already described my fashion style and, most of the times, it's pretty simple. I need to be able to go somewhere really fast and feeling comfortable. Although, I would like to walk the streets like they do in movies, in "Sex and the city" or any other. I would like to feel that confident and brave to have (all) eyes on me. The truth is, I really like outfits like this, or the fancy hip-hop style or something a bit different. But, it's me... I can't do that. Everybody sees me as a sweet little girl. Imagine if I show up in these boots on college. They would tear me up. Maybe those wouldn't be bad comments, but, as I said, I wouldn't have the guts for it. It's OK to change your style. My advice to you is do it slow. Little thing. Maybe this new change won't look as good as you imagined. If you throw all your old stuff away to make room for new ones and it turns out bad... What then? Buy one clothing item at the time. Adjust yourself and others to this change you're going through. Of course, make sure you have money for your new ideas. If you don't have it, your plan is more or less dead... Unless, you make something yourself... Think about it till next time :)
Bye :*


  1. Anonymous29/1/14 19:53

    Hello it's me Fanni again, well i really liked this whole article! thank you so much for mentioning my name I really appreciate it xx

  2. Hi there :) Well I thought it couldn't hurt to share that most of people is afraid of style change and stuff like that...
    And I tried to do a outfit like you did, but you're kinda better at it :P
    You're welcome, any time :)) :*

  3. Anonymous30/1/14 21:39

    aww thank you :)