13 January, 2014

Small bad decisions

Hi everyone. :D
It's midnight in my country, I have college early in the morning and I know I should go to sleep. But I can't. I'm watching CSI: Miami. That's one reason. The other is that I can't leave you without a post today. I don't really have the story to tell, a topic to write about. So, I'm gonna tell you how my day went. It's Sunday so it wasn't very interesting, but I did made some bad decisions. One of them is about my homework. How many times have I told myself that I need to take care of college and homework and obligations first. But I never do. I sit around all day doing nothing and then, at 10 p.m. I start something. Thank God I started this drawing at 7 p.m. cause I finished it around 10 p.m., maybe a bit later. It came out pretty good but I don't get how my lines aren't parallel if I drew everything with two triangles. It has confused me so hard that I stood over my work for an half an hour just staring at it and trying to figure everything out. Hopefully, professor will forget about it. In addition to that one subject, I realized that I have the worst of my subjects tomorrow and I haven't studied a second. I just wanna skip college tomorrow. Also, I've contacted Mr. M. About our classes... (Nothing special there. We're trying to be friends.) And, since he hasn't answered my text for two days, I got worried. He usually texts me back in about three or four hours, max. I'm not worried that something happened to him, I'm worried that he changed his mind about me. Maybe I'm annoying him, or he (somehow) read my blog and figured out... It could be anything. We'll see tomorrow. or in a day or two. Another story... I love painting my nails. I just enjoy it. I'm pretty good at it (you could see my designs in my posts), I think. And I'm terrible at organizing. I have less time to paint them by the day. I usually paint them once a week, on Sunday. I did it 20 minutes ago, but I have no design, they're plain and I hate that. Also, one of my friends kinda hurt me today. So, you could say that I didn't exactly enjoy my day. And when I think about it now, I'll go to sleep a bit sad. It will pass till tomorrow, I know it. So, I hope I didn't bore you with this post. I know it's not like usual ones, but, as I said, it is Sunday and I was at home the whole day...
Good night ya all :D
Or: Can I just turn in one part and you'll get the other tomorrow? (Yes, we use that.)

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