09 January, 2014

Pretty, hot, beautiful. Or all three?

Good evening :))
First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my Wattpad profile and reading my stories. However, I do have some problem with it. All of you (that visited that link) read only the "Table of Contents" and not the stories. In that first part I just said that I'm new at writing stories. I want you to read some of them and give me a feedback on what you think. You can comment on Wattpad or here. I'll appreciate it. So, I'll help you. This are the links: Table of contentsIntroStarting something newEverything changes under the surface 1Everything changes under the surface 2Cold outside, warm inside 1 and Cold outside, warm inside 2. So, these are my stories. Hopefully, you'll read them and you'll like them.
So, what I wanted to tell you? Oh yeah... I've read somewhere that a girl (I think a guy too, but it was about girls) can be pretty, hot or beautiful. Pretty means she has a cute, pretty face. You know, small cute nose, big (blue) eyes, full lips... Hot is referred to her body. Slim, perfect shape, long thin legs, bigger chest. Simply, it means that she looks great in a bikini. Beautiful is all together but it actually means that she has a great personality, great spirit. She is funny, kind, polite, kinda shy but friendly... So, the conclusion is: If someone calls you girls beautiful, he's probably in love. Why? Because he thinks about your personality, you obviously suit him with just being you. He looks beyond your looks and you're not just a trophy for him. Most of the times when someone falls in love with someone's personality, that's it. It's true love. Loving someone just for his looks (body and face) is fake. That never lasts long. So, imagine this. You have a hot boyfriend/girlfriend and he/she has nothing in his/her head. Nothing that suits you. Could you stay in a relationship like that? I don't think so. Find yourself someone who you can call beautiful. Trust me, it's worth it. (Yes, this "trust me" part is a bit of a problem as I have no love life but I want to hope that it's worth it. I need to believe that!)
P.S. Just to inform you, I haven't started any of those project I told you about. :P
Have a nice day. :*
Yes, you are!!!!

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