05 January, 2014

Shopaholic or not?

Hello everybody :)
I have few things I want to say. First, don't be mad if you can't really read titles or links in my posts. I am trying to fix things, to remove this white color on yellow surface. I'm trying to make it more visible. Second, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything yesterday because I promised I would try to post every day... And, of course, thank you for reading. So here we start...
I bought new boots the other day. The story behind it is that I was looking for these ankle-high boots, leather brown with metal rivets. When I got into the store, they told me that it's an old collection and they don't have my number. You can just imagine my disappointment. I was looking for these exact ones for two years!! So, I bought these other ones, also brown leather with rivets, but these will never be as pretty as those ones. They are very pretty, but you know when you see something and you set your mind on that and then nothing... Now, my friend D. would say that I shop all the time because I talk about going shopping almost every day. Most of the times I don't go and if I do go, I don't buy anything because I don't have money for it. I never payed much attention on brands, I go and I buy what I like (if I can afford it). I know I said that I love Nike (and I do) but it's not a "must" to have everything from that brand. People often see me as shopaholic and I can't convince them otherwise. I really can't understand why that is. First of all, to be shopaholic you need to have money which I don't have. And second, you need free time to go to malls. I don't have that either. So, what's the problem? I admit that I would love to shop every day but that's not happening. And I want people around me to see that I'm not shallow person who only sees the clothes and shops. I do have other hobbies, you know? God, people can be so judgemental...
Shopaholic ;)

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