30 January, 2014

Speak your mind!

Hello :)
This time I want to tell you that it's OK to say what's on your mind. Don't ever hold back if you think you're right because your opinion may save somebody's life. You never know. I've heard a story once about that. It's true. It goes kinda like this. There was a young wanna-be doctor (still on college) and he was assisting a real doctor. Now, this wasn't operation but it was still pretty serious. A man came with some problem in his leg and they sent him to X-ray it. After that, they sat and looked at the photos. Doctor had one theory and young one had another, but he didn't share it with the doctor. Doctor decided to put a man under surgery and everything was prepared for it and then a young student said his theory. Surgery was canceled and a man only took some painkillers and had to do some exercises for his leg. The point is... A man could have gone under a surgery for no reason because doctor was wrong. Nothing would have happened but why do a surgery if it's unnecessary. Young doctor was afraid to say anything because he was still in college and didn't want to question doctor's experience and knowledge. Say what you're thinking. Maybe you'll be right and do such a good thing. In worst case scenario, you can be wrong. Is it really that bad? at least you tried. This goes for standing up for yourself, too. I know I'm kinda a hypocrite saying this because I don't follow my own advice and I am afraid to say what's on my mind, but I shouldn't be. You shouldn't either.
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That's all folks :)
Smart guy Gandhi :)

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