16 January, 2014

From happy to worried in one second

Hello, my faithful readers!
Today was more interesting day than I usually have. Sadly, because this one wasn't that good. But, oh well... I, of course, had college. But I like this subject I had, so it wasn't that bad. It didn't start too early either, so I had few more hours to rest than usual. This, however, didn't help me cause a phone call woke me up and I had to get up then. (I can't sleep once I'm woken up.) All the way to my classes, I've been listening to some random music on the radio and my day started pretty good. After this two hours of the only normal subject on my college, I had lunch with my brother. It was arranged yesterday. About 10 minutes after us came his best friend to eat, too. He sat with us, so we all had lunch together. Than another guy, also his best friend, joined us for a drink. I was having a good time. Than I got home, studied a bit... (I've been studying for 3 hours, then I finally finished my English...) I was texting Mr. a bit, and my friend Anchy (blog on the right). It was all going great. Of course, I had a fight with my father, but what's new? He is very stubborn, hot-headed and think he's the master of the universe. I think all the opposite, so... You can imagine our relationship. But I'm used to that, so that didn't ruin my mood. What did was the news I got from my mom. I can't really tell you what happened, but we have some family problems... Very serious problems that won't go away so easily and quickly. So, now my mom is sad, so I'm sad and worried but life goes on, right? I hope that somebody will take my mind off of this. Mr. is doing a good job. We don't talk about anything serious. Although I am kinda sad about that fact, this time I'm happy. This ":D" became my only smiley face that I use with Mr. It feels great. So, I know I'll be better tomorrow, but this worry won't go away. Not for another month... That's how long it will last, trust me, I know...
Try this when your family has problems -.-"

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