03 January, 2014

Day two

Hi my readers :)
Today's post will be short. I think. I have to get up really early tomorrow and I've been doing nothing the entire day so now I have a million of messages I need to answer, mails from some unknown people that I need to tell that I don't want to be their friend, and this post to write, and get ready for tomorrow... Gosh, I have a lot to do, yet, it's nothing when you look at it. I just know I won't go to bed any time soon. It just popped into my mind... Do you know what I mean when I write something? I don't use smileys in blog so I'm not sure if you understand everything in the way I meant it. But, I guess, I can't change it... As I said this will be short, I just wanted to ask you if you ever think about old friends. Persons you once couldn't imagine your life without but you grew apart... I just contacted one of mine and I feel pretty great... I've missed her. I'm telling you now: pick a phone/Facebook/Twitter or any other way of communicating and pick one of your former friends. Just ask them how they are, what they're doing now... You'll be happier, they too.

I promised that I will post every day but these days nothing is happening in my life. Tomorrow I'll have something to write as I won't be home the whole day. 
By the way, I bought new boots, I'll post a picture tomorrow as well. I'll leave you with some of my works (yes, my natural nails and my own manicure on them without a gel)...
P.S. All "tomorrow"s are actually "today"s because the midnight has passed in my country. Sleep well...

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