01 January, 2014

First day of 2014

"Your whole year will be like the first day of it." So they say... God forbid. Today was awful for me. It was boring and depressing as hell. I got no "Happy New Year" messages (except the ones I sent first), I saw nobody, I didn't leave my room. It was just me and my laptop and the new show I'm watching. Also I've seen that I've put on some weight during these holidays so that depressed me even more. When I look at this day, I have nothing positive to say. I don't want my whole year to be like this. Either way, I don't believe in this. I never did. There is one good thing, though... I mean, it's nothing compared to loneliness that I had to go through today but, sadly, it was the highlight of my day. I got a message from Mr. M. He wished me happy New Year. That was nice. My plan was not to contact him immediately, just to see if he'll remember. And he did. That made me smile. Oh, I forgot to say that I was home the whole night. It was just me and my mother. It wasn't bad at all. New Year's eve, nothing special (you could say I got old). I was sad, though, when I saw a group of people kissing each other, wishing Happy New Year to each other. They had fun, they were together. And I had no one. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother, but I wanted to be with my friends, with my boyfriend. And, apparently, I don't have either. (I have my Fiba and I love them. I'm not mad at you in case you'll read this some day ;).)
Again, I wish you all the best in this year.
So, this was depressing enough from me. I got to watch some more episodes...
Alone, NYE 2014 in Sydney

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