11 January, 2014

If you eavesdrop, do it right!

Well hi there :)
I don't know if you noticed, but eavesdropping is becoming more and more popular. Nobody trusts nobody. It's sad to realize that, but it's the truth. We often see that in TV shows and movies. It's so irritating that nobody waits till the end of the conversation. If you eavesdrop, do it all the way. Maybe you'll be surprised. Listen to this for example... A guy and a girl are in a relationship. Some other girl is in love with the boy. This other girl invites him to talk. Then she starts how she is in love, how he is perfect and so on... (It's not his fault that some girl likes him. This may be the proof for you that you have a good guy.) His girl listens to that and she will most certainly run away at this point. She will not hear his speech. He will say how he is really happy in his relationship, how he loves his girlfriend. And she will never hear that. She'll be upset and break up with him. And the guy will not know what the problem is. And even if he tries to explain, she will not believe him because she "heard" something. So my point is this: Listen everything to the end. Maybe you'll be happy with the outcome and maybe not. At least, you'll hear the whole thing with your own ears. Just to be clear, I don't think that spying and eavesdropping is OK, but, like everything, if you do it, do it right. Also, I've promised to myself that I'll always give people a chance to explain. I'm so frustrated with the fact that only few people will do so. Maybe it really isn't what it looks like. Listen, then decide! Also one example... If you see your boyfriend hugging some girl, of course you won't be happy about it, but give them a chance to explain. Maybe the other girl was hurt, or sad, or something, and your guy was good enough to help her. You know? When you look at it like that, your boyfriend might be a very good person (to others too, not just to you). Same goes for guys and their girlfriends. Of course, don't fall for every bulls**t they say to you. Like, if you see them kissing and they tell you they're just cousins saying "hello" in their way, it's most likely a lie. Don't be naive (like me), but try to be reasonable and understanding. I bet you would like for the other side to listen to what you have to say. Hopefully, this will save a lot of relationships from making stupid mistakes like breaking up for no real reason.
So this is it for now. Love each other and be happy. Bye :*
Eavesdropping, Marshal and Ted (HIMYM), Sheldon (The BBT)

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