16 January, 2014

What do they want?

Hey to you all :)
One of the the biggest questions ever in life is what the other side wants from you? What we hear every day is: men are pigs, they're all the same, girls are bitc*es, they're all the same. We could go on like this forever. Of course, every gender is for themselves. You can't compete with guy's or girl's power. So, what's really the truth? What do we want? The truth is everybody is looking for someone who's perfect. I can tell you immediately that you won't find that person. You can find a person perfect to you, but perfect in general, I don't think so. (This is written from my perspective so I hope I got it right.) Guys want smart girl, but not smarter than them, pretty, but not that pretty that every guy is throwing at her, funny and spontaneous, but not childish, great cook, very friendly and outgoing. Oh yeah, also, they want somebody to sleep with. Sadly, that's in most of their minds. Girls, on the other hand, want romantic guy, but not to mushy, a bit dangerous, but not a criminal, hot with 6 packs, but not too hot either, smart, again, not smarter than them... Basically, they want someone who will deal with all their crap and look good while doing it. This is what it all comes down to. As a girl, I'm supposed to say that girls are angels and guys are idiots who don't treat them right. But that just not true. What everybody needs to understand is they're not above other people. We're all the same and we should only treat people like we want to be treated. Does that make any sense? I think it does. You can't always blame others. Sometimes guys really are idiots who don't appreciate what they have, and sometimes the girls are that too. I don't know why it is when a couple breaks up, everybody immediately blames the guy and thinks he'll get over it sooner. To be honest, I know more girls than guys who are a lot worse than their other half. They cheat on them, make them look guilty and then move on after two days. And I'm supposed to cover for them? No! I think I only know three guys that cheated on their girlfriends. In a world where guys are pigs, that's a small number... So, my point is... Don't say everyone's the same. You're just looking at wrong person.
Have a nice day, talk to you later today ;)
NOT true!!

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