13 January, 2014

Full walls...

Greetings :)
Today I found out that I have tests, big ones, for the next two weeks. All weeks, every day. Even Saturday! And I haven't started studying yet and now I'm so scared that I won't pass. I promise that I'll start tomorrow. Anything. (I probably won't, but it looks nice, "I promise"...) So, I've told you that my plan is to redecorate my room, right? Well, I can proudly say that I started. I did such a small change, but it's still a change. I've put some pictures of me and my friends on my desk and now they look at me every day. I feel kinda calmer and happier seeing them. I immediately remember the good old times when that pictures were taken and it's like a light on the end of the tunnel (it's not the same as dying, we use this to express happiness, good days in bad ones...). Friends are, besides your soul mate and family, really a blessing. They are my reason to smile. That's why I look at these pictures every two seconds. Also, I've put some pictures of Saints... I'm not really big religious person but I do believe in God. I have Saint Anthony of Padua, Mother Teresa, Mary with Jesus... They also keep me calm, make me think like there's someone watching me and making sure that I'll be fine. Now, my plan is also to remove my posters (Cristiano Ronaldo, Chad Michael Murray and some more guys). My "love" for them hasn't faded away, but I think I'm old enough to keep this feelings for myself. My room really looks like a ten-year old girl's room. I have a bunch of posters and three shelves full of stuffed animals (that I love). By removing posters I'll get more room on my walls for some serious pictures that I like these days. I'm obviously changing. The only problem is that I can't remove my posters until my parents decide to paint my room because I have tape marks on my walls... I would like to remove my stuffed toys too, but I love them. They are like my family. Some of them are as old as I am. I can't move them. And I don't mean throw them away, I mean move them to my grandma and grandpa's house. Their attic is full of my and my brother's stuff. I'm very clingy and that's why I never have free space in my room. But, oh well... I'm waiting for these exams to pass and than I'll make some big changes in my life. I remembered just now that I also told you I'm starting to work out on this day. I lied. :D I will make some push-ups but it's not what I had planned. You can join me, just do something good for yourself today... 
Here are some cute stuffed animals (not mine) and some pictures I would like to put on my wall. Bye :)
Child and adult in one person!!!

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