18 January, 2014

To get a puppy or not?

What's up guys? :) Hi.
In a post Today's a new day :), I've told you how much I want to get a dog to live with me. This story continues... Yes, since 2005., but now I'm really more determined than ever. I had this feeling before and I tried really hard to convince my mom, but I've failed every single time. Hopefully, this time will be different. I have to convince her that I'm capable of taking care of a living being. I'm taking care of myself, I'm alive, isn't that enough? ;) A new friend of mine, I'm not gonna tell you who that is, you can guess, is thinking about getting a dog but his mom also said "no". So, we're trying. I know I am. I told my mom yesterday about this idea and she said what she always does: "We'll see." We won't. I'm going to wait until my brother leaves because he's not on the same page with me on this particular topic. I was also thinking about getting a puppy without their permission. How? Well, I don't mean just to buy a puppy and bring it home. I was telling my friends that they should all get together and buy me this one, unique, perfect gift for my birthday. Or I'll buy it and give it to them to pretend in front of my parents like they bought it. I'm not so sure this will work cause one of my friends hates dogs and she'll never play along... Or, so I think... I'm so desperate when it comes to this, I would do anything... Having a dog is a whole new world to me. I really believe that dogs (and basically any other domestic animal) makes you a better person. You learn how to love another living being without words and understanding like we know it. It's priceless. At least, for me. There's no greater love than what dog has for you, his owner. People will stab you in the back (mostly for money and popularity) and dogs will be there no matter what. I need somebody to look forward when I come home, somebody who will welcome me home. Without judgement, anger or a million questions. This year was supposed to be my new beginning, new change... Maybe setting my mind on this will be a part of it too. I hope that I'll have good news to share with you very very soon (it's my birthday soon and I hope every year... :( ).
So, this is all for today... Bye now...
P.S. In order of appearance: Chow-chow, German shepherd, Alaskan malamute, Rottweiler, Samoyed, Pomeranian (I don't really like them, he just looks cute on this photo)
Puppies <3 *__*

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