29 April, 2014

The awkward "P"

Hello :)
Here's a topic that guys can't relate to but they could learn a thing or two about it. Yep, it's period. Now, I'm not here to write about what it is and the other awkward stuff most people are embarrassed to talk about. I'm here to tell you a bit about moods, pain and the regular surviving of those few days. Of course, I'm writing from my own perspective. Every girl is different so who knows how they deal with it. I personally don't get people (girls) who change their moods according to this period of the month. I really can't understand why they would do that. Is it something in the brain? Maybe something's wrong with my brain and nervous system, but I don't have those mood swings. If I'm happy, I'm happy, if I'm sad, I'm sad. Not because of those days, just because of the situation... Some of my friends like to take days few days off and not leave their apartment. I don't get that either. They say they can't go on coffee because of it. Seriously? Are you dying those few days? I can go whenever I want everywhere I want. It has never held me back and I hope it never will. I have to admit I have a serious back pain, but it's nothing a pill can't take care off. So, if you ask me, all those girls are mostly faking it. You can be in great pain, take a pill, wait an hour and you're good to go. I also don't see a reason why they couldn't go for a walk. I walk, run, do push-ups, ride a bike... What ever I do usually, I can do in those days too. I think most of the girls just use this as an excuse for not going somewhere, for not doing something and, the worst part, if they're grumpy and really bitc*y to someone, they can use this and everybody will understand... And how about PMS? I don't have that either. It seems now like I'm turning myself into this perfect girl who doesn't have problems and doesn't complain about anything while having a period, but I honestly don't have any symptoms like that. The only symptom I have is eating. A day or two before my first day, I have to eat. A lot. I eat like a pregnant lady. At least, I have the urge to. Thank God, I learned how to control it and convince myself that I'm not actually hungry. It's actually kinda a god thing because it's more like a reminder that something will start very soon. So, girls... Buy pills, chocolate and suck it up! You can't go another 40 years with not leaving your bed for a week in every month!
Can't take me down !!!!!


  1. Ohhh the lovely period. I don't get it either, but I tend to b e crazy angry at everyone and everything but only for a day. And usually that's a few days before it starts. It's funny and I feel bad afterwards but I can't help it. I guess it's some sort of reaction in our organisms. As far as PMS goes, I have really painful cramps the first day and it's awful. :( You're lucky you don't have that ! And overeating is a regular thing haha :P

  2. At least, we have food :D
    "for only a day" is already one day too many. that's kinda my point. but, as I said, that's just me... everybody has their own way of dealing with it... :)