08 April, 2014

My heart skips a beat

Hey :)
"After 3 to 4 months of having a crush on someone, you either fall in love with that person or become interested in someone new." So, I'm in love? It's been 5 (and something) months since I first started talking about Mr. M. You can look at it in two different ways. First one. It's so cute. He's like my one and only guy I think about and he always (!!) puts a smile on my face. Second. It's so weird. I'm holding on to something I know won't exist and I'm actually only torturing myself. So, which one to pick? I would feel better, of course, if the first one was true, but it is rational to think about the second one. When you think about it, I've spent (and lost) these 5 months on somebody and I keep losing my time on him. It's maybe wrong to say it like that, because I think he's worth it, but, let's be real, this is a total waste of time. And in all this time, I've been shutting out all other guys around me. (Don't get the wrong impression, it's not like there's a line in front of my house.) Like I compare every dress I see to the first one that caught my eye, I'm comparing all guys to him. There's something that pulls me to him even though I'm aware of the fact that we are not that close. I'm just curious how long this will last. Because I catch myself every now and then (I'm not a crazy stalker!!) looking at his Facebook photos and I see him smiling. And my stupid heart thinks he's smiling at me. You know that retard feeling when your heart doesn't listen? Oh, yeah... I'm there! I really don't want to "forget" him, but I know that would probably be the smartest idea... What do you suggest? Any good romance advice? As I read this post (as I do every time before I post it), I realized this could be "I got used to" feeling. Maybe I'm just used to "loving" him... Maybe I have that image in my head and I try to live by it. Who would know....
Bye bye
Five months and counting....

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