07 April, 2014

I'm back!!

Hey there :)
I'm home again so I'm writing a post. As I expected I had a great time visiting my friend Anchy. (Everything you need to know about the city I visited, you can find here.) I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anchy for taking me in her home for two days. I hope I wasn't too much for you. Haha. I also have to commend her and say that she showed me absolutely everything I wanted to see (even if she was tired to do something). I won't say much about the whole impression cause I've already said everything in post Can't wait to travel. It is even more beautiful when you see it in person. One thing I also loved was bonding time with Anchy (I'm talking about the "boy" topic). Also, we have learned that we should always (and I mean always) carry lighters with us (even if we do not smoke). Why? All hot guys smoke, unfortunately. One more thing: always wait the other day to buy something. I saw a dress in one store for €25. I was going to check it out in my country, and thank God I did. Discount started today and the dress costs only €9. I think that's pretty great. On the other hand, I bought a calendar for €1 which, in my country, costs about €15. Thank God I saw it and I know how to convert from my to European currency. So, this is also a great time to encourage Anchy to go and buy a dress which we saw (and it looks really great on her!). When I look at it now, I really wish I could travel more often. There's something about seeing new stuff, especially if you know you'll probably never see them again. You appreciate it more. But also, you appreciate your country more. At least, I do. I couldn't wait till I get back. I was so happy when I saw our police at the boarder. I love traveling very much, but I love my country more. It doesn't matter if I'm at home, or even in my city, as long as I'm inside the boarders, I'm fine.

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