20 April, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Hello :))
Happy Easter from your, let me be egoistic, favorite blogger. This is, as you all know, the biggest holiday the Christians have. I am happy to tell you that I spent it with my family, having fun. I, of course, had lots to eat and I'm ending it in the perfect mood. I've been looking for some photos to put in the end and I realized that I never knew why bunny and a little chicken represent Easter... I would get the chicken and the eggs are related but bunny is a total mystery to me. And why eggs in the first place? Jesus raised from the dead. I doubt that he came in an egg. I will never get that. But bunny and chicken?? Isn't that against nature? Hahah. Anyhow, since I have a plan to enjoy a nice evening, I haven't planned to write much. I just want you all to have a great holiday. I wish you and your families all the best.
If you don't celebrate, just ignore this post and I'll talk to you tomorrow. I have a dilemma I want to share with you...
Bye bye
Happy !!!!

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