03 May, 2014

Busy Saturday again

Hey :)
Like every Saturday, or the entire weekend for that matter, I have tons of things to do but, knowing me, I won't do half of them. Or, I'll do everything except for the most important - college stuff. So, first I have to go to this family lunch and I really really don't want to go. Timing of this gathering is just terrible. Later I promised I would meet a friend to go shopping and later I'm having my friends over for some movie night. There's no way I'm going to manage it all. I know there are only three things on my list but you know how it is. You can't finish either of them in half an hour. I know I have to do lunch. I'll try to bail earlier or, hopefully, everything will be over soon. Next, on to my friend. I haven't seen Anchy in a while and I really do want to see her today. Unfortunate part is that I'll be available for only two or three hours. Then I have to go shopping for groceries and prepare everything for the movie night. What a movie night, we don't even have movies to watch. Not that it ever stopped us, but do you have any suggestions? So, how is that that I never have time for anything? I'm aware that I don't do anything, I don't even have hobbies or any activities that I do regularly. I feel like there's always a need for 4 or 5 extra hours that I need in my day. The part I'm sorry for the most it when I'll finally realize that I could have organized my time better. And it usually happens in a day or two. There are some mistakes we just never learn from. It's like going to bed really late and realizing it was a terrible idea in the morning. But that doesn't stop you for repeating it over and over. Don't even let me start about my Sunday tomorrow. Few more friends to catch u with and I just want to stay in bed all day. But I think my friends are more important than hours and hours spent watching TV or sleeping. I'll manage it. I always do. ;)
Oh, in case you were wondering, our big gathering is rescheduled again. I found out about it just yesterday. This rain is just too much! But this time is giving me a chance to figure out do I want to go or not.
P.S. I just realized that I'll need a lot of money today. Shopping, hosting a movie night... I need a job! :D
Just to be sure :D


  1. Anonymous4/5/14 01:24

    Scent of a woman is one of my personal favorite coming of age movies you should definitely check that out..or if you prefer something romantic age of innocence is a way to go..
    hope you enjoy your evening!!!

  2. We actually did watch Scent of a Woman. If you ask me it's a bit too long for my taste but not bad :D
    We did, thanks :)