15 April, 2014

A bit of optimism

Hello people :))
Unlikely, I'm happy. I have no idea what's happening and why I'm like this now, but I'm not complaining. If anything, I expected that I would be grumpy all week and stressed out. And I mostly am, but something changed now. And there was also one more happy moment today which was kinda ruined by those annoying people (just a few of them in my group) that surround me in college. I know that my act was very truthful and sincere and the rest of them did it for no reason. Me and Mr. M. had a nice moment today too... Also, two very important persons in my life were happy so I just had to be happy for them. It's weird how I'm happier when I'm in college than when I'm at home. I'm not even stressed there. I'm really happy in my college. I'm doing something I, more or less, like, I have a great group of people close to me and I have fun. When I think about it, that was high school too, but I had those everyday stresses in high school. Every class was a potential F or something like that. In college I have tests every few weeks and that makes it a bit easier to stay there every day. I was thinking how everything changed since I started college, yet, nothing has changed. I started over and I'm still the same, hanging out with the same people. It's great how people actually got to know me without my past and they like me! For most of them (and I'm talking about guys) it's normal to approach me and hug me for no reason, call me on the phone to talk when they're bored... I know this is probably normal to you, but I didn't have that neither in elementary school nor in high school. And I really wanted it! It's that school from the movies where everybody loves everybody, they all hang out... I know it's not real but I still wanted it. And now I won't say I have it, but I'm pretty close. Or I like to think that I am. It makes me happy so I'll stick with that. And now that I wrote this, I'm even happier. I can conquer the world!
Oh yeah, if anyone knows where I can order and buy a "Tekken" notebook, let me know. Or at least, I need Jin Kazama, or Hwoarang.
Bye bye :))
Happy indeed :D

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