04 April, 2014

I'm ready to go!

Hello :))
Finally I am going to visit my friend Anchy. This is the trip I was telling you about in Can't wait to travel post. I'm going tomorrow afternoon and I'm coming back on Sunday. I really hope everything will be OK, although I've heard that it's supposed to rain all Saturday. Hopefully, that won't kill all the fun. Although I'm really excited, I'm also sad because my best friend is having a birthday party and I won't be there. I know this sucks and I'm a terrible friend now, but I've been planning this trip for months now and I really hope (I know) my friend will forgive me. She has to! Anyhow, I'm planning something on that matter but I won't say anything cause there's a big chance she'll read this. Moving on... I also can't really plan my trip yet because I have a huge test tomorrow and, as usual, I started studying today... I'm really behind the schedule but I'm writing this because I needed a break. (Actually I've been writing this in my many breaks. Every break I make, I write few sentences.) So, since studied a bit since I wrote this previous sentence, I can proudly say that I'm almost done studying. I normally wouldn't quit so easily, but I'm to tired to think. Maybe I'll revise something tomorrow (today, actually) morning. Another thing about the trip... I need Anchy to make me some dinner! I know I'll starve till I get there so there better be some food on the table. Or, at least, some unprepared food. We can cook together, although I'm a terrible cook. It's funny how this day actually came. I'm usually always talking about doing something and going somewhere but I never do. This time we actually agreed on something and I'm traveling! It doesn't matter that it is only 2-hour drive by train away from my home, it's still another country and a trip. I'm really looking forward to it. I want my great mood to me on, so I better go study some more now so I'll be sure I did my exam OK and then I'll be able to relax and enjoy the trip.
Anchy here I come!!!
Bye you all :)) (I hope I'll write something there too, but if not, I'll definitely write something when I come back).
Trip !!!


  1. You will get a french tost and cappuccino =P.Don‘t forget your passport!

  2. I still didn't get my cappuccino :P