15 April, 2014

It's devil's number!!

I actually had no intention to write anything today as I really just want to go to sleep, but I saw that my view number is 1666. So first, you have to notice that something bad or evil is going on (if you believe in that stuff, that is...). And, since I already wrote a number, I have to thank you all for reading, coming back for more posts and commenting. I'm also very sorry I'm not that active these days, but, as always, I have tests and I'm really stressed out. I just want it all to go away. 
And, unfortunately, nothing interesting is going on in my life. I can just tell you what continues from before... That annoying chick I told you about is still making those awkward "uuu's" since the guy she's doing it for is still in my class and we sit together. Nothing new there. I mean, I like him. A lot. Like a big brother's brother. If that makes any sense. I have few of those actually. Haha. Mr. M. and I are still OK, maybe a bit better than, let's say, last week or a week before. (And it crashed a bit right now... I'll tell you about it some other time.) Anyhow, everything else is basically the same. College, parents, friends... That's kinda it... Oh yeah, I don't know if you ever watched "Gossip Girl" (I'm not going to start about the show, don't worry), but I was very pleased that they mentioned my country in few scenes in season one (since I started watching it two days ago...). Apparently, somebody actually knows about us. And now I can't stop thinking about this thing that happened with Mr. M. I would tell you immediately what happened but I'm so paranoid that he, or somebody, will read this and I just couldn't bare the drama and all the gossips... I don't really like the way Gossip girl is handling some situations. So, I'm not going to tell you anything now, but be sure that if you stick around, you'll find out.
Goodbye you all :)
P.S. Check it out if you wanna: Royalty Fashion :))
Sounds like my life... :)

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