21 April, 2014

Party dilemma

Hello :)
I informed you yesterday that I have a dilemma to talk about. Here it is. I'm invited to one party and it's more like a friendly gathering. The problem is I know maybe 5 people out of 20, or more. I don't know how many people is going to be there. Another problem is that the host hasn't invited me. We know each other and we'e seen each other few times over the past week and he didn't say anything. I've been invited by two other persons. And why is this a dilemma? Because I'm four years younger than all the other people. I'm a "little sister" and I don't know if I'm going to fit in. If I was 25 and they were 29, or older, that wouldn't be a problem. At this age I think we are more different. I'm socially awkward as it is, I don't need a large group of older people to prove that. And they all plan to make a barbecue and the rest of the lunch. Which means I would have to get in the kitchen and help a bit. And I'm a terrible cook. I can't even make a salad. And I don't want them all to see it. I'm so embarrassed by that. On one hand I really want to go. But on the other, I have a million and one reason not to go. And they're not stupid ones. Well, maybe they sound stupid to you, but I have my insecurities and I can't look beyond them. And there's also one more gathering of the same style I've been invited to. My best friend is hosting it at her home and I believe it's going to be in the same time. I would chose my best friend, of course, but they did inform me before her. But, then again... You know... Oh God, do you have any good advice? I know you don't like commenting here but I could really use some help...
Thanks, bye
What to do???


  1. Anonymous22/4/14 10:39

    I don't think age should be a problem. You're not in elementary school or high school anymore. You're in college and no one cares how old are you. They know, but they won't think less of you. Don't worry about those who do 'cause they're not worth your attention. On the other hand you weren't invited by the host than again you're not in elementary school anymore. I bet if he/she sees you on that party he/she would be glad you showed up. You said it yourself it is just a frendly gathering and if it's too awkward for you bring a gift. Something like a hard liquor, and no vodka 'cause it's not a good ice breaker like whiskey. Everyone loves whiskey. And I guarantee you that you'll make 5 new friends, if not more, and you'll know almost a half people there. And why on earth do you think you would have to get into the kitchen. Because you're a woman? It's a world wide stupid joke that no one actualy lives by. And exclude the primitve exceptions. If you do get invited to the kitchen to help out, it's the ladies universal sign to mingle. You can excuse yourself and ask them to help you and to teach you. You don't have to be embarrassed. When you started college, did you know everything? Of course not. When you didn't know something did people laugh at you? Of course not. Infact, they helped you. And this time won't be any different. 'Cause yet again, you're not in elementary school. Your best friend is hosting the same thing but you were invited to this one first. Of course your friends party is your safest bet. But you'll never overcome your fears if you don't confront them. You'll always have your best friend and her partys to go to, but this is your chance to shine and meet interesting new people and fully experiance the college students life.

  2. Wow. Thank you for this who ever you are!!!
    Just to inform you, I decided to bake a cake or bring something sweet. Everybody loves it, I like making it and that's my kitchen job :P
    I was actually thinking of bailing today, but after reading this I can say that I'll give it a try. How bad can it be? The worst thing that could happen is me being in the corner. not like that never happened before... :)
    Looks like I'm going barbecuing on Saturday!! Thank you :*

  3. Anonymous22/4/14 22:10

    Glad I could help :-)