07 February, 2014

Miss D., Mr. T. and I

Good day to you all :)
I've noticed that I haven't posted anything about Miss D. and Mr. T. for a long long time. You could easily say that they're not important to me anymore. I once started this blog because of them and how they pissed me off (well, she did) and today I have no thoughts about them. I don't know if you realized this or not. In meanwhile, Miss. D. moved to his neighborhood, they started hanging out more... I actually think he got sick and tired of her by now because they don't hang together anymore in college, at all. She eventually moved on to his good friend and now they're getting a beer every other day. I was jealous at first, I still maybe am a bit, but I moved on from that story. I realized that we can all be together and talk normally and that's most important to me. I don't want enemies at college. Or people I just don't talk to. I want to be at least OK with all of them. And I am. That's pretty great in these times. So, what else? Oh God, I have nothing to say about them. I really don't know anything and I don't care. I only remember that Mr. T. came one day to college, about two months ago, and a group of students called him weird (and some more things). Not to his face, they were just talking to each other. And I heard everything, of course. (I wasn't eavesdropping, they were in front of me and I have a really good hearing.) Then were still the times I desperately wanted to be his friend so I was really surprised by what they said. I wanted to say they were wrong, how he was great... Later, as I began to get more distance from him, I realized they were right. He's so not the type of person I could hang out with. Maybe that's his "cool college" face and maybe he's not like that privately, but, at this point, I don't have the urge to find out. We're OK just being some kind of friends. (This is the confusion I told you about in "Acquaintances or friends?" post.) And about Miss D. Well I don't know much... She's still annoying to me. We can also talk normally, but what irritates me is her change. She's one person with me and my group of people and another with Mr. T. and that group. So, you see why I don't like her so much. And I thought we were going to be really good friends... Not gonna happen, but I think this is the first time I'm not sad about it... Who cares? They don't need me, I don't need them, but we're all good. I like it the way it is...
That's pretty much it. If you have any questions about this story, just ask :P
This is what you get when you type Mr and Miss into Google search :)

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