26 February, 2014

Cause I'm happy

Hey there :) How are you? I hope everything is OK :)
So, as you can see in the title, I'm happy. About what? College! I can now say college is not hell and it is possible to survive. I know I've only been there for one semester, but it doesn't look so bad. Well, it didn't look so bad until today when I saw my new professor and his stupid, boring and difficult subject. But I'll worry about that later (read: next week when we have our first exam, and every week till the end...). No more worrying for today!! I wanted to share with you that I passed all my exams I had and I am so happy about it. Only few people manage to pass every exam from the semester (on my college, that is), but I did it! (Yes, I'm bragging and I like it! I think I've earned it.) I was going to fail one of them but I had the luck to get this really good professor (he sucks at teaching but he's really a good person) and he gave me another chance to explain myself and what I did wrong in my oral exam (that we write on a paper). After he realized that I know this, I only got confused (I didn't understand the question), he asked me few more questions out of the schedule and I got a C! Not a D, a C!! He said he would give me more but since I failed the first time, it wouldn't be fair to other students. Honestly, I would be satisfied with a D, but this was really a big surprise. What college professor would give you that chance? What goes for other subjects, I'm OK with all the grades. I'm sorry I couldn't get more, but it's important to pass. Wow, this really sounds like a conversation between my classes. Never mind that, I wanted to share my happiness with you. I know lots of you out there are struggling with schools and colleges, but I assure you it's not the worst thing to fail an exam. I am all depressed about it too, but life goes on and you'll get a second chance for improvement. Second chances are great when they're given to you. Use it the best you can. Just be careful who you give a second chance and if the person is worth it.
Bye you all :)
First one is totally mine. (No more fooling around, so I say every single year :P)

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