22 February, 2014

Little girl has grown

Hey there :)
As usual, I was bored when I should have been studying so I got everything else done. I also took the time to look at my old Facebook statuses, pictures,... I joined Facebook in 2009 (yes, a bit late, but wouldn't have it in the first place if I didn't want to stay in touch with my elementary school friends). When I first made my account, I was like a child with a new toy - I had to show it to everyone, I was constantly on it and I had to comment and share everything. I actually have a status saying that I've seen somebody on TV, with thousand smiley faces. Also, I had these really depressing moments. I hate those people now. I can't believe that was me once. Once again, I saw some friends commenting, putting hearts and everything, friends that I haven't heard of in years... Sad, but I've already told you about it, so I'm gonna stay on my topic. Anyway, I've read my first two years on Facebook. I think the good thing is that I can look at it now and laugh, I'm not gonna be grumpy or offended. That was me. I'm not ashamed. OK, maybe a little... What I don't get is why do people still do that? Act like Facebook is a personal therapist and like it's OK to put every little detail on it. Maybe it will sound like an excuse, but I was new on it and I was 5 years younger! I'm not that stupid anymore. Some people I know (my age, who got Facebook way before me) still act like that. What the hell?? Not everybody needs to see how you look while you "sleep" (I love those fake photos...), know what you do every second of your life (eating - at my kitchen???) and not everybody needs to know that you're fighting with someone or, better yet, read your whole fight! Get a grip! It's embarrassing. That's why you have inbox or phone, mail or any other way of telling somebody something without the whole world knowing it. I wanted to tell you that I know what it's like to want to share everything but you must know when it's enough. I'm honesty proud of myself for not being that person anymore. Little girl inside me has grown up. She's still there, she only learned to control herself. Self-control is a powerful thing. You should try it.
Yeah, really crucial for me to know....

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