29 January, 2014

Acquaintances or friends?

Howdy y'all :)
Have you ever been in a situation where you were describing someone's situation to someone else and you didn't know how to call them? "It was my friend, um, I mean relative, I mean acquaintance... We went to school together..." Awkward, if you ask me. I've wondered what am I supposed to call my "friends" form school, college, or any other place. The ones who I don't actually hang out with but we talk. So, we're not friends if we're not talking about some serious stuff, if we never talk outside that surroundings... What are we? And I can't say we're just acquaintances cause we've shared (quite a) few moments together and we talked more than some two people that just met would. I know some stuff that others don't know and that's kinda a friendly side. It's so confusing. I always say: "It's my friend.", but I know, most of the times, it's not true. It just keeps the conversation easier to follow. Is there a word for those in-the-middle people? I'm not really that familiar with all English words, so if there is, please tell me. We don't have it. At least, I can't think of any. And, while we're on this subject, isn't it sad? I've spent 8 years in elementary school with some really great people. And I hear from maybe two or three of them. I've also spent 4 years in high school and now I talk to maybe 5 of them. So, I've known these people for 8 or 4 years, and I can't say they're my friends? What the hell have we been doing? I'm not saying it's impossible to stay friends with most of them, but, let's be honest, you pick one or two friends and you stick to them. I would like to say "hi" to all of them, ask "what's up?", see how they are... But I have no topic to talk about with most of them. Our lives drifted apart and this gap is hard to fill in. I'm sure you've had (and still have) this problem. I watched some TV show and a girl and a boy reunited after I don't know how long. Before, they didn't have anything to talk about and it was always awkward and then they met after a couple of years and they married. I really hope it will be like that in my life too. I don't need to marry everybody (yeah, D.), but it would be nice to talk to old "friends". So, I leave you with something to think about.
Talk to you tomorrow :*

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