13 February, 2014

Friends make everything better

Hello dear people :)
Friends... Yes, we all need them (don't lie that you don't!). They literally make every situation better that it really is. If you're in a good mood, they will turn it into great. If you're in a bad mood, they will sympathize with you, give you some good advice and make you feel better. For instance, today I was with my best friend Joan. I was pissed about something and she made me feel better. I let it all out and immediately felt better. What I love about her is her ability to make me feel comfortable and to put me in a good mood without nodding her head to everything I say. I love her honesty. Of course, she doesn't say to my face that something I like is stupid (well, sometimes she does), but she says it very nicely. (And I'm smart so I get the hint.) I personally wouldn't like to have friends that don't say their honest opinion. I love when somebody is thinking like I do (we all love that), but some disagreements are natural and good in any relationship. You can't have your clone, you need some kind of conversation. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to say anything. Honestly, I don't trust too much people who agree with me on every single little thing. That can't be for real. A real friend would say their opinion on every subject, no matter if they agree with you or not. And any person that says otherwise is probably lying. People want their friends to say what they wanna hear. (Me too.) But there is need for some good advice too. If saying what you want to hear is not a good advice, a friend wouldn't go through with it. Do you get what I mean? Tell the truth! But be careful that you don't hurt the person. Wrap it up a bit to sound more like what they need and want to hear. Also (a bit out of topic), I believe in balance. If you have two or more groups of friends (elementary schools, high school, college...) try to balance them. Every single person there is worth it (if they're your friends). So, try to see them all equally, try to hang with them whenever you can but also equally. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, do the same... Balance people! The truth and relationships. All needs to be in balance.
Have a very good day :*
P.S. Hi to Joan, her A. and H. friends :P
Yep. Those are friends...


  1. Lol, gotta love Joan :D

  2. af kors :) actually mi je rekla u facu da mi je najdraza serija sranje hahah