19 February, 2014

Stupid fears

Hey :)
Have you ever thought about what you fear in life? I don't mean those big fears like death or ending up alone or something like that, just something that could happen anytime anywhere (so can death, but that's not the point). For example, every time I take a shower, I wonder what would happen if my water heater (that's just above my tub) falls on me. I already have a bad image of bones sticking out of my legs (yeah, I don't have a problem with 80-liter boiler coming on my head and killing me, my legs are important here). Or maybe, what if I slip on the stairs? I would also get my legs broken (if not worse). It seems that I'm mostly afraid about my legs, I have no idea what's the deal with that. Imagine yourself walking next to a building and somebody's flower pot falls down on your head. I've read somewhere that there's a bacteria in the ground, if you walk barefoot on it you can get a horrible disease. And so on... There are also those fears of walking under a bridge, having any bacteria or microbe of dust in your house... I know there are actually some conditions where the person needs a special help from a professional and I'm not mocking them. I don't get that, probably never will, but I guess they're not making that stuff up. These fears I have are not that strong but I often find myself thinking about what would happen... It's not like I won't shower ever again or walk down the street cause a bird may poke my eye out while flying (those pigeons look pretty mad in my town). I wonder when do these fears become a psychological problem? I know (read: I hope) I'll never have a problem like that because there wouldn't be a person alive if everyone had fears like this. People wouldn't leave their houses. Living your whole life in fear is just stupid and unimaginable. At least, that's my opinion. Tell me, do you have some stupid fear like me?
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Water heater, jack, stairs, flower pot, pigeon!!!! Be careful ;)

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