03 February, 2014

Teen chats - yes or no?

Hi readers that I have been neglecting for a while. Sorry for that.
So, few years ago my friend told me about this teen chat online. Of course, I was bored and went to see what it is all about. Nothing special. Just a bunch of people bored enough to chat with random strangers. Everything's fine and kinda funny until you start talking to some weirdo or a pervert. Good thing is you don't need to give any of your personal information. Not even your mail address. Well, I haven't been there for almost a year and a half (I think). Now, this same friend reminded me of it the other day and today I went again. I saw a name on it: "Any-Moms-With-Young-Daughters". Seriously? There are a lot of those there. There was also this one nice guy but he left soon. Now, I'm still online as I'm writing this. There are these creeps that just won't let go. I don't know how some people just can't stop and give it a break. Now, I'm chatting with three really nice people. I think they contacted me because I wrote in public chat "Is there anyone here who is just bored and nothing else?" I think I'm going to be "friends" with one of them. Tom is great and he added me on Skype. Anna also added me on Facebook but I don't think we'll talk anymore. She doesn't know how to write in English so it's really difficult for me to understand her. Be careful who you add and delete them immediately if you see something wrong. Don't play with strangers. I know I sound like our parents but I'm always extra careful with these things. I personally don't like adding people that I don't know on Facebook because I have a lot of information there about myself and a lot of pictures. I don't want my pictures to end up in some creep's room. Call me paranoid but safety comes first. And, to stay true to myself, I've removed Anna as my friend. We can still send each other messages but anything else would be too much since we don't know each other. On the other hand, I'm getting to know Tom and he's pretty much better with every minute. We'll see. (No, I won't marry him, D.) So, I read my post now and I see I didn't say much. My point is: Please be careful on those chats or social networks. There are too many bad people in the world for us not to be worried... Unfortunately.
Tell me, do you chat?


  1. Hahahah don't marry him :P

    I think chats are awesome if you're bored and looking for some fun. But yes, there are creeps that only wish to see you on cam -.-

  2. Well it's going great, you never now now hahahah
    True. But this 38-year olds on Teen chats... I don't think so... >.<

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