05 February, 2014

O, happy day!

Hello you there :) How's your day?
Mine was great! Well, it can always be better but I'm happy, that's important. I passed one of my exams. A really difficult one, if I may add. I waited for four hours for the professor to show up. I was so so nervous and I had the feeling that I forgot everything! Like I always do before something like this. The good news is, I haven't forgotten a thing but that wasn't useful at all. He asked me something based on pure logic and I'm not that good with logic. I froze, of course. Mostly, because I didn't understand what he was asking. He tried to make me fail this, but he couldn't! So, joke's on him! I was so proud of myself that I went out of his office with a big smile and could say to all of them that I passed. Such a great feeling. Hopefully, I'll get more of those. And now, I still have some studying to do, but I'm postponing it because I really don't want to ruin my great mood. And I know I have to study because I have a big exam tomorrow too. God, being a student is not as easy as the movies show it. Dammit! Um... To stay on happy subjects... As I was going home, somehow I couldn't stop smiling. People were looking at me funny, but all I could think of was: "God, this was good. I'm smart. Yey for me." Or something like that. Also, I'm trying to celebrate my birthday this weekend so that should be fun too. (Meh... I just looked around my room and realized I need to clean it up a bit before I start studying. Yes, I would do anything rather than studying, who wouldn't?) To add some more happiness, my friends passed the exam too. Well, not all of them, but most of them. I was really sad about those who didn't pass because I know how hard they were trying, but they'll make it next time! Now, I'm only waiting for next week to pass to know all the results. And I'm waiting for D. and Joan to contact me about their colleges and then I can be at peace with myself.
So, stay happy, smile a lot (no matter how weird people look at you...)
Rate, comment (Amanda and friends too) so I could know what you think of all of this so far, and what you expect in next posts.
Bye bye :*
Straight A student! (Well, I'm lying, but I passed!!!)

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