24 February, 2014

Pretending it's not there

Hello :)
For the past twenty minutes I've been writing a really personal post and I've finished it but, unfortunately, you're not going to see it. Yet. I am not ready to admit everything I wrote and I need more time to figure everything out. I also need my "love angel" Dora to help me through this. Now you know what's it about. Never mind that... Have you ever been dodging some topic for unknown reason? I mean, when you're not ready (or willingly) to admit something and, of course, you know it's true? You wouldn't be thinking about it if it wasn't true. When something like that happens, you fight with everything to forget the topic. I don't know if you realized it, but the more you fight it, the more you think about it. It sucks, I know. On the other hand, you can't not think about it because that would mean that you don't care. And most of this stuff are important: being in love, family, friends, college... You name it. All of these require your full attention. If it makes you feel better, I'm constantly thinking about three things... One is always on my mind, for 7-8 years now, for sure. The other is also almost constant - my family problems. And there's, more or less, new one. Of course, it's him. Who or what else? Those nightmares about it, they're not going to disappear, you know? You'll have to deal with it eventually. And you should always have hope there's a brighter side to everything. It would be great if our minds could tell us every day: "Nothing is worth your time. Time you spent worrying and killing yourself. It's nothing." I would like to do this from time to time, just to relax for a day or two. Maybe a year... Most of the times, our only salvation from problems is sleep. If, of course, you don't have nightmares, like I already mentioned. Go to sleep. Everything will look brighter in the morning (not just the Sun).
Have fun, enjoy :*
Just put it under a rug :)

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