28 June, 2014

Pictures of the exes!

Hello :)
I was thinking a bit about relationships and exes, of course. I saw a picture of my brother's ex girlfriend on his laptop somewhere at the time when he started dating the other girl. I have no idea if that picture is still there, not actually the point here. I was just wondering how you would react if your boyfriend/girlfriend was keeping pictures of the exes. In one way, you can't expect of your lover to forget his/her life. The past. You all know that he/she had someone and that won't change if they delete pictures. As a person who loves to look at pictures and memories, I don't know if I would be able to permanently delete some part of my life. On the other hand, there's no need for those pictures if that part of the life is over and you have someone else in your life. Some people can find that very insulting and could be hurt. But then again, my high school is over too. Should I delete all my photos from it? No. So, where is the line between "It's part of my life. Over, but still a part of it." and "I have to look at her/him As in, I miss them.". Is there some number of pictures that is allowed to have? The best scenario would be that you get to keep the photos but the other half should never find out. No! No lies in relationships. At least, not in good ones. A person who is keeping those photos should be totally honest about it and I, personally, wouldn't be that offended if my boyfriend kept a picture of his ex girlfriend. Of course, you don't know how you would react until you're actually in that position. I would like to read some of your opinions. Especially if you're in a relationship. Since I'm single, I don't have first-hand stories, but I like to think that I wouldn't make a big drama out of this "problem".

Great TV show btw :)

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