05 June, 2014

Pay for nothing!

Hi. I, again, apologize for not writing. And I have to announce that I won't be very active these next two weeks because I have a lot on my mind and my exams are coming and I have no time to breathe...
Anyhow, I was thinking today about all the things schools make us do against out will. I'm not just talking about being there, keeping our mouth shut during the class and stuff like that. I'm talking about all those times when teachers said that we have to go somewhere or buy something with our own money. I went to see theater plays and to museums, I had to buy some woods and plastic and some other stuff. And my parents had to pay for all of these. I can't say that these prices were high but it's not like we can throw money away for something like that. The worst part is that I usually didn't want to go anywhere. And I certainly didn't want to paint or cut a wood plank. Over the years these prices were rising and nowadays a normal play is much more expensive. Still, the prices aren't that high but there are some people I know that don't even have the money for that. And it's not fair to them to make them go somewhere if they can't. In case you were going to say that nothing is a "must" and they can't make you go, there's a catch. Of course they won't hold a gun to your head, but! there are always some assignments that you really can't do if you didn't go. There are also something in my college that makes me go because I won't get the right to pass the subject if I don't go. There are lots of stuff and reasons why you can't turn down the offer even if you don't want to do it. But fine. What I don't get is why then the school or college pay for it? If it's something that everybody has to do it should be free. I mean, they should pay for it. It's not some extra assignment if you want. It's a must! So the message is: If you're poor, you can't be educated! And they blame you for it because you had the chance and didn't take it! F*** you government and education systems!!!
I said it all you scumbags!!

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