16 June, 2014

Civilians vs. non-civilians

Hey there :) How are you? Everything OK?
This topic is often on my mind and I finally remembered to write it down. I hope I'll hear some of you thoughts about it too. We all unfortunately see terrorist attacks, hijackings, kidnapping kids, burglaries, killing people, hostages, etc. To make it clear in the beginning, these are all bad stuff and shouldn't happen at all but they do. My question is why non-civilians, read military and cops in the first place, are treated better in these situations than civilians. For example, somebody is kidnapped and held hostage. In scenario one we have civilian man/woman (doesn't matter). Police is being notified and they start the investigation, search and rescue procedures... It takes a bit more time. If they're lucky everything will turn out great. In second scenario, we have a cop as a hostage. Suddenly CIA, Interpol, FBI and all other departments are involved. They're bringing in helicopters, special investigators... You see the difference between these two cases? When you hear that somebody is wounded or killed, it is a big deal but everything will be taken care of quietly. If a, let's say, cop is wounded or killed, they immediately yell "officer down" or "officer needs assistant". So do civilians! I'm not saying that officers shouldn't get immediate help, but civilians should too. And there's that if an officer is taken care off, he/she can help the others better than some civilians. But if an officer is so badly wounded or worse, he/she is not much of a help... I also heard, from a reliable source that knows what they're talking about, that if somebody attacks military or a police officer, they (government, I guess) consider it as an attack on the whole country. As a real terrorist attack. I kinda get that, but that still isn't an excuse good enough. Everybody is supposed to be equal in these situations. So, if I'm dying somewhere with a dying cop next to me, I want them to save both of us at the same time, under the same conditions. Is that too much to ask?
I have to write this in conclusion so nobody would have the wrong idea about this. As I wrote above, all of this is wrong and harmful and I'm totally against violence of any kind. I'm not sending some kind of secret message to anyone, I'm not planning on doing anything I've written here about. All clear? Thanks.
Help anybody and everybody!


  1. Sometimes I wonder how your brain works.... =)

  2. I'll take that as a compliment ;)
    Well, these are the things that happen all the time, we just don't care enough. And, since I already said I like watching TV, this is the main plot in every CSI like show :D

    1. Take it however you'd like. ;)
      I would write something more intelligent but at this hour I'm too sleep deprived (read delirious) to form a train of thoughts that makes sense. =D