24 June, 2014

Jewelry on the beach?

I saw a picture two minutes ago and I immediately remembered that it pisses me off every time I see something like that. So, of course, I had to tell you about it. So, here it goes... I saw one of our singer's Facebook page. She is posing in a bathing suit. Nothing wrong there. What bothers me is all the jewelry she's wearing. I get that it's supposed to be a photo shooting and she's actually in a studio and all that, but I remembered some pictures of my friends on the beach. I have this one girl on Facebook that is constantly well dressed and I actually admire her for looking that good every day. But she also likes to take a lot of pictures and I saw some of them from the beach. Of course she has a big necklace, earrings so long they are banging into her shoulders, bracelets... It looks good on the picture, I have absolutely nothing against her style. But seriously, who goes to the beach wearing that much make-up and jewelry? Not somebody who is there to swim and have pure summer fun. Those are people (girls mostly) who are looking for attention, who want to be seen. And I totally get it that you want to be seen at your best, but nobody's buying that you're going to swim looking like a Christmas tree with mascara. The only thing you need on the beach is swimsuit, sunglasses and flip-flops. Everything else is just a waste of time and space in your hands. I go to the beach looking like an idiot according to those previously described people. And I don't mind. I know why I'm going there. It's nice to see somebody that good looking walking along the beach but you really can't do anything else. You can't just throw yourself in the sea. And I think that's a shame. Most of us get only two or three weeks of seaside and it's a shame to waste it just standing on the shore and going on coffees. I think you can do that all year... But, oh well, it's just me. Everybody spends their summer how they want it. But it will always piss me off when I see something like this. So, summer has officially begun. How are you going to spend it? Clothes? Accessories? ☺

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