22 June, 2014

Easy like Sunday morning

Ahoy. I heard Sheldon saying that people before thought this is the appropriate way of saying "hello".
Today is Sunday. What usually was my favorite day became the worst day of the week. When you think about it, your free days are over. Like it's not bad enough that you only get two free days, but you also have to work on those days to prepare yourself for the rest of the week. Putting that aside, I will tell you a bit about my perfect Sunday. I had few of those over the years. Most of them happen, of course, during school break, but still... So, imagine this...
  1. sleeping in, getting up whenever you want
  2. turning on the radio and listening to your favorite music while you do your morning routines
  3. warm breakfast like you ordered it
  4. warm day, sunlight coming through your windows
  5. reading a great book on the terrace
  6. having your favorite lunch followed by a glass of good wine (also on the terrace)
  7. watching your favorite movie/TV show
  8. going out in the beautiful evening for a walk along the shore/river/park
  9. getting a nice long bubble bath
  10. cuddling in and falling asleep
  11. *insert your favorite hobby or person where ever you want
Well, now that I wrote this, I really wish I could have a Sunday like this. I want and need it. Anyways, I wish you all a very happy Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow after my big exam and hopefully I'll be in a better mood. Till then... :)
Just follow these few simple steps to a perfect day!!!

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