20 June, 2014


Hello :D
I'm in a totally good mood today. And I'm not even going to bit*h about how I have to study or something. I know that lately I've been neglecting this blog a little so I apologize. I started it because I had the urge to talk to somebody, somebody unknown. When this blog came to life, I posted every day. Literally. And how the time passed, I wrote less and less. Well, I hope that's going to change. There are always those periods when I have tests and that's pretty much all I can think about so there's not a lot going on in my life. However, those periods shouldn't last more than a week or two every few months, so I really hope I'll be able to fulfill my duties here. Anyhow, in all this commotions, I haven't even realized how good you all are. Thank you for reading my problems and I especially thank those few active souls who actually gave me some good advice and who tried to solve some of my problems and dilemmas. I also want to remind you that you can comment anytime, on any post. You can even suggest some topic if you have one, or you can send me your problem and I'll try my best to solve it. I need to emphasize that I give much better advice to others than to myself. All in all, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for my 2000 (plus) views. At first it wasn't even important if anybody's reading it. Now I realize that there are people interested in my life. There could be tons of reasons for reading this, from actually caring to reading it so your life would seem better. In either case, I'm glad I can help or provide you with some fun. Also, it would mean a lot to me if you could just press one of those "buttons" in the end of every post (interesting, cool, boring...) so I can get some feedback on what you think of it. It will only take a second of your life.
So, thank you all again. Talk to you later. :*
So we celebrate !!!!

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