24 June, 2014

Don't lead me on!!!

I am so pissed right now. This won't be a long story but I had to get it out. I've agreed with my mother to go shopping today. I took this day off just for this because I know myself and I know that it takes you at least 4 hours to go to any shopping mall in my city. So, I got up early in the morning because it's was arranged for us to go shopping in the morning so we could both have the rest of the day free. But we didn't go. My mum said that we'll go after lunch. It didn't happen either. She took a nap. And now, she's is finally woken up and I asked her if we're going to go, and, surprisingly, she said that we're not going. Why? Because some guy, construction worker, is coming. She knew about his the whole day and she was just leading me on. And now I wasted my whole day waiting for her and she pulls something like this. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time and I get pissed off every single time. I mean, if you knew it's not going to happen why didn't you just say so? God. I hate when people do that!!!!
ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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