01 July, 2014

Facebook picture review

Hello people :)
Today I'll show you one picture I found on Facebook recently and this girl on it has become quite popular due to the text she wrote beneath her portrait. To begin with, I'm going to summarize what she said. It goes like this... "I warn you in advance for this picture may contain to much fat. Only skinny people are allowed to show their naked body. Well, it's my body, not yours. This picture is for a man who called me fat, for my former trainer who called me too fat to ride a horse, for a girl who thought I would be pretty only if I lost few pounds. It's for a girl who bullied me in middle school. Most of all, it's for me. Me embracing my body and myself as I am." I, of course, butchered it. She said it more nicely and powerful, but you get the point. So, let me start my dilemmas here. Just to warn you, I won't be talking about how you need to love yourself and stuff like that. I'm only going to concentrate on what others wrote as comments on Facebook. Everybody said how she's beautiful, has a nice smile and all that. And I'm not going to argue with that. But, let's be honest, most of them would laugh at her or turn their heads away form her if they saw her on the street. It's the truth. Another thing that caught my eye was one comment that said that if she was skinny, people would call her slut and attention whore. On one hand I can see that happening because people are, including myself to be honest, judgmental. Then I read one comment saying that, unlike most of those other girls, she's making a point here. She's standing up for herself. And we should all respect and admire that. So, what is it? I can say now that I totally approve (not that I have anything to approve) her being "naked" here for making a stand. But I also would say why do people, no matter their weight, have the urge to take half-naked pictures and post them anywhere?? I don't even know my opinion on all this... I salute her for being brave and for accepting herself as she is. On the other hand, she could have done it with her clothes on. (I realize that picture without clothes sends stronger message here...) Your opinions?
P.S. You can find her whole caption on Humans of New York (on this link).
By the way, this is her.

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