01 November, 2014

Friends are family

Hello lovely readers! Sorry for not writing in a while. I don't have actually any reason for it, so I hope it won't happen again... I'l write my topics on a napkin if I have to. ;)
First of all, I have to brag a bit and say that Cristiano Ronaldo, himself, re-tweeted me and favorited like 5 to 6 times. I'm not even sure now, but I know this is a big thing for me since I'm a fan. No, I'm not one of those who will talk about this for years now to everyone I see, don't worry... What next? Oh yeah. My topic. I've always known that having great friends means the world. Without friends you have the feeling you haven't accomplished anything in life. At least, most of it doesn't matter as much. This time I'm leaving out the family factor, so don't mind if I say friends are everything. Of course, family is everything too. Anyhow, I had a really really bad day yesterday. I was angry at myself, disappointed, I cried. In public. And I never ever (!) do that. I didn't actually cry, my eyes were just a bit wet. It all happened at college and I realized then that I have wonderful friends. So this is for them. For Three who was there first, who tried to make me feel as comfortable as I could be. For Maggy who didn't ask a whole bunch of questions, who understood without a word. Even better because we were surrounded by other people whom I can't really call my group of friends. Nothing against them, they're just not my first choice when it comes to friends. But most of all I would like to thank Joan who sacrificed her free time to be with me. And that happened after I called out of the blue. That really counts! We spent 5 hours (?) together and in that time I forgot everything. Of course those feelings came back eventually, but in those few hours I was free of it. As we were going home, I meant to tell her "Thanks." but my stupid brain forgot it as I was catching a bus. Anyhow, thank you Joan. Not only for yesterday. For being my friend for 5 years now. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Not to stop there, I have one more friend who wasn't involved yesterday but deserves to be thanked. Thank you Dorchy. For being there in all my "failed love" feelings (who were so stupid I know, but she stood by my side!). Thank you both for making me laugh. For making me happy, especially on the days when I feel like I'm going to fall apart. You have that something that makes my life better. I think all should be this lucky to have friends like I have mine. Thank you. Love you.
P.S. I apologize to my readers if they think this is not for a blog but for a personal letter, but I think great friends deserve to be thanked publicly.
There isn't picture pretty enough for my friends, but this will do it :)

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