11 November, 2014

Incoming grandparents: Day 3

Quick intro: My grandparents whom I haven't seen 10 years are here. The saga continues. So, my grandparents decided (we all did) to spend the last whole day at my aunt's place. She made lunch just how I like it. Thank you aunty. And I realized that I really bonded with my cousin over the past few years. We were once really apart and not family-like at all. All of this brought us even more together because we're all feeling the same. My brother, cousin and me. Back to the lunch... My aunt owns a cat. And she is so in love with that cat. And can be really really really pushy with it. She's gonna make you love it in 5 seconds. At least, she'll try to. And my mother, grandpa and father hate cats. Well, hate is a strong word, but once they see a cat in the kitchen, on the table, they freak. I mean, we all do, but not as much. I am totally a dog person, but I like cats too. No matter my love for them, they can't be on the table, in the kitchen in general and on the bed. So, to sum this up, they immediately had a fight over that cat. Over the lunch that lasted for maybe 4 hours, how long I stayed there (I went home earlier to study), they had numerous fights about everything. I have to admit that my aunt let herself go after her divorce and she really doesn't look like much. Her parents tried to tell her that nicely, but didn't succeed, and that fight was the biggest. There are lots of reasons for my aunt being like this, but the point is the fight. After about two hours of me being home alone, my family came back. My mom left me all alone with them because she had to go to work, night shift. So they yelled a bit more. And more. And more. And then I went to sleep. I thought I would get some sleep before waking up at 6 a.m. this morning. But no. They just wouldn't shut up. And I felt uncomfortable to say anything to them because they were here only for three and a half days... So I kept my mouth shut. I fell asleep at about 1 a.m. Great. My father yelled in one moment: "She doesn't mind the laud music!" referring to me. Do you even know me? I mind everything when I sleep. I am a really light sleeper and I mind music and voices and birds... Everything. But don't mind me dad. In meantime, as I was listening to all of that, I started crying. I felt so bad for my mom. And for me and my brother. I really do think my mom loved my father when they got married. But these few last years I think she's making huge compromises that she shouldn't do. I don't think she's happy with him. And that kills me. My father is really short tempered, while my mom has huge patience. And that's how they work.
Panicked but survived!!

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