13 November, 2014

Boyfriend manners

Hello :)
I finally did what I'm always talking about doing - I wrote down my topics and now I can easily write for few days in a row. Great, huh?
Keep in mind that I am aware of the fact that I don't have a boyfriend before you write it down in the comments. So here I go... I've been watching lots of couples on the streets and I've noticed few patterns. Guys are carrying girls' bags and coats, umbrellas over their heads, standing in front of a very very pink store window and all for her. Also, when it's freezing outside it's kinda normal for a guy to give his jacket to her. And this is my point of view... If you decide to bring a bag with you, you carry it! Nobody pushed you to take it and fill it with bulls*it. It didn't become so heavy or big by itself. I can't see why a guy should carry your stuff. Next. If it's cold, bring a coat. If it gets warmer, carry it. Put it in the bag if it fits. Anything. But you are responsible for your own stuff. Next. I can "forgive" umbrellas because couples usually take only one and the guy is usually taller, so I guess it's fine. Next. If you see something really great in the store, go check it out. But don't just pointlessly stand there while he's waiting and clearly not amused. Do what you need to do and move on. Next. If you're going out, check the weather forecast. They usually know whether you'll need the jacket or not. Listen to them. And if you still don't bring your jacket, when it gets really cold go somewhere indoors. Or go home. There's no need for him to get pneumonia. And now the other side... I know all of these actions that he does are really romantic and sweet, but they are simply unnecessary if you prepare correctly. Maybe they need, from time to time, to feel useful, protective and like saviors, but some things love does are just stupid. We'll never understand it. Just accept it. I can even go pass the pink windows and jackets, but carrying something for her (except the really heavy bags e.g. from the store) no. That's, of course, just me. Couples. She likes to be handled like a queen, guy likes to treat her like one. It's kinda the way it should be, just don't go overboard.
Have fun. Love each other. Respect each other.
Bye :*

I swear it's my girlfriend's. Yeah right. ;)

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