20 November, 2014

Am I the only one...?

Hello :) How are you? All good? Great.
So, you've all noticed that it is so so popular to start a sentence with the words "am I the only one"... This is even popular in the virtual world, read - Facebook. Pictures, statuses, groups... Everybody is the "only one". As I like to read the comments, I've noticed that people get really annoyed when somebody uses these words for starting a statement. And I can really get why is that. Of course that you can't be the only one. In a world of 7.125 billion people (and rising) you can't be the only one who drinks juice right after getting up, the only one who dances in the shower or the only one who doesn't like to eat the cream of the cookie by itself. People use this to emphasize that they are in minority. And that's all there is to it. I don't understand why would anyone get irritated by this? Because I'm sure that everyone used this at least once in their lives. With "am I the only one" we attract the attention to whatever that is that we do kinda differently. And by reading stuff like this, we can just see how much people are alike. Unknown people thinking the same, doing the same thing. There is something really popular in your neighborhood and you think you are the only one who noticed it. You post it on Facebook and realize there's a guy/girl on the other side of the world with that same routine. I think that's pretty amazing. If I think about it a bit more, it's not so so amazing because I already said you can't be the only one in the 7 billion people, but it's still pretty amazing. (If you can see the difference between "so so amazing" and "pretty amazing".) So, what I'm trying to say here... Don't get pissed over something like this. It's great to see how people talk, move, think on the other side of this ball we call the Earth. Maybe you'll find your soul mate, you never know. ;)
Bye bye
P.S. I'm sorry for the bad photo combining. There's something wrong with my PhotoScape.
So, am I the only one??

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