08 November, 2014

Incoming grandparents: Day 2

Just a quick introduction to the story: my grandparents, whom I haven't seen for 10 years, are here, in my home. And this is the second day. How is is going so far? Weird. In one word, weird. I have no idea what to talk about, what to ask, how to act. All of my fears and predictions from the last post came true. My brother doesn't like them very much, so it's even weirder when he's around. They have some issues from the past, no need to go there now... Anyhow, we've been hanging a lot with our aunt too, and our cousin. As you may know, my father has a very quick temper. Too quick if you ask me. My aunt too. Blood is not water, as they say... And my grandparents are obviously old and they need more time to connect the dots and figure something out. Moreover, they can't see or hear right. Years caught up with them. You have to show them everything twice or three times, repeat everything few times... It's not easy, but it's normal. For some reason, my aunt and father can't understand them. We all had lunch today. They had about 6 fights in 5 hours... And, as I told my mom today, my biggest surprise, if I can even call it a surprise, is my father. He's making the whole thing even more awkward. And the little respect I had for him so far, I lost it. Every time my mom told me I can't behave like that, I can't be rude to my father, I felt guilty, sad. I won't anymore. I know it's hard when your own child doesn't respect you or even care for you at some moments, but respect has to be earned. And after I saw how he treats his parents, I'm so done with it. So, you could say that this was awkwardly good day. I am finally free. We still have tomorrow and half of Monday. We'll see how that goes.
Bye :)

Still holding!!


  1. oh god i've been trying to write something for the past 135646 minutes and somehow i can't find the words but my point is that i do understand you and it's really strange how your father treats his parents especially because he has kids himself so he should try to imagine what would it be like if you would act that way around him. as far as respect goes I think it goes both ways and on numerous occassions you've mentioned his behaviour around you so don't feel guilty. you should never stick around for anyone who makes you feel less than or who in general just by being toxic around you, influences the way you see yourself and making an unpleasant enviorment so I'm glad that you don't feel the need to sacrifice your nerves and mental stability for someone who doesn't to the same for you.
    maybe common courtesy skips a generation so beware of you kids :P
    p.s. maybe that's why the bitch put her head down when we passed each other.

  2. This comment made my day!! There are no other words. Thank you!
    Nope, she's not here, remember? ;)