18 November, 2014

Never to forget!

Hello everyone.
On this day, 18.11. 1991., 23 years ago, one town in my country fell under the force of the enemies. Vukovar. It was heavily damaged during our Croatian War of Independence. More than 1600 people died, and more than 1200 people were injured. It was the worst battle since those seen in the World War II. About 2000 Croats were defending the city against approximately 36000 Serbs. We lasted for 87 days and then Vukovar was overrun. Thousands of people who have survived had to leave, not knowing their future. So many lost lives, so many survivors that will have this picture in their mind forever. Every year, there's a silent column to commemorate those who gave their lives for us. For our better future.
All I have to say today is that I'm so very much grateful for our heroes. They will live forever. As long as there are Croats, they will live. Our heroes. Our Vukovar. Our country. Thank you! Today we pray for them, for their families. For our Croatia. This is a day of remembrance.
Also, there is a tradition, since almost every city in our country has a street names after this town of Vukovar, to light up candles on those streets. I live in the capital city and I really have to say it was beautiful. So many candles. So much light in the dark. There's nothing like it. My heart was skupping beats as I was going down that street.
Proud to be Croat!!
Graveyard in Vukovar.
Streets all over Croatia.

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